Activate® Experience

A Global Customer and Employee 
Experience Consultancy

A Company of the Customer Experience Group


Who We Are

Activate® Experience is a leading global customer and employee experience consultancy.

We focus specifically on enhancing business performance.

We optimise your current resources and work with what you have already invested in.


What We Believe

  • Client experience is the key driver to delivering value and growth in premium brands today.

  • Client experience is a business competence. It’s not a function.

  • Behaviour and ‘Mindset’ directly impacts performance. How you think matters.

  • Business is human at the centre. It is people who design, deliver and share experiences.

  • Business grows, when people grow.


How We Partner

With you, we evaluate, assess, advise and design the key elements needed to transform your customers’ experience.

Our unique difference is that we personally support you in implementing the change.

We work hand-in-hand with your teams, over six to twelve months, to coach and enhance business’ performance.


We Are Different

At Activate® Experience our unique difference is that we are not finished when the advice has been given.

True transformation starts when your teams activate and implement the changes you want to see.

Our teams are there every step-of-the-way to personally support and coach the change.


What We Promise

We help brands transform transactional moments into meaningful relationships and powerful emotional experiences.


Our Approach

We work in three key ways to deliver performance change in organisations and teams:

We focus on ‘head’, ‘heart’ and ‘hands’.


Our Approach: The 'Head'

We work on “mindset” and how the organisation thinks and behaves.

What’s the strategy?

What do you measure?

What do you talk about?

What matters?


Our Approach: The 'Heart'

How do you want your guests to feel?

How will the brand ‘behave’ and be delivered across each channel?


Our Approach:
The 'Hands'

We work hand-in-hand with your managers to significantly enhance performance through personal support and coaching.


What We Do


CX Change & Transformation

CX Measurement & Metrics

KPI & Rewards Alignment with behaviors

Brand alignment, Emotional Intentions™ and Mapping™

HR, Recruitment, Roles & Accountabilities

CX Governance


Experience Activation™

Coaching Support & Implementation:

- In-store

- Calls


Coach the Coach

Open Laptop

Christophe Caïs


Joe Sejean

CEO & Founder

Craig Lee

CX Strategy & Transformation Director

Cassandra Wahid

Programme Manager

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About Our Business

The Customer Experience Group

Activate® Experience is a company of the Customer Experience Group composed of 5 sister companies. We offer strategic solutions that impact performance and elevate the Customer Experience.

The Group leverages over 3 decades of experience in market research and insights, creation of bespoke experiences, measurement of emotions’ impact on business performance and in specialized trainings for luxury and premium brands.

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We are located in Dubai

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